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Gig’s Nanny Doula and Childcare  Service



Our Nanny placement process starts with a family consultation. Where we will come to

 your home or have a zoom call to discuss Your family's needs and desires, We review Gig’s Nanny Service policy and placement process and discuss standards for hiring a nanny. A nonrefundable consultant fee is due at the beginning of the initial visit to get the process started. The reason for the family consultation is to allow us to get to know you and the family and to make the best match possible! During the consultation visit, we go over things like the nanny duties and pay rate. We answer all questions the family may have about our service and fees. We also provide you with interview questions when it's time to interview candidates. We talk with families about how to negotiate rates and we discuss what duties the family would like the Nanny to accomplish daily. and we talk about how to maintain a positive work relationship with your nanny.  The nanny placement process can take up to 6 weeks on average. After The initial family consultation visit and the placement, payment has been made. We will begin our search on finding the best candidate for the job. By week 4 Gig’s will start sending You Nanny applications and Resumes to review. The nannies we send You are carefully selected as prospects that we feel would be best for your family. For each position we typically screen around 10-20 applicants and our goal is to dispatch to you ONLY the qualified nannies who we at Gig’s believe to be the best match For your family. Gig’s main goal is to take the pressure off of the families and make this process smooth as possible. Gig understood this is a new adventure for a lot of families. having someone new take care of your child/ren that isn't acquainted with your daily routine takes some time to adapt to. and we at Gig’s are here every step of the placement process. Before you meet any of the nannies, we will have screened them by phone, had a  face-to-face interview if needed, called and emailed childcare-related references, conduct a social media/online screening, and verify CPR/First Aid and Certification. Once you find a nanny you’d like to move forward with, a full background check Will be done.  The background check includes Driving history, county, and federal criminal report, social security verification, and sexual offenders registry check. If everything comes back clear on the background check, It's time to start the interviewing Process for the candidates. 



***For pricing, Please visit the fees section of our website.***


Types of nanny positions are described below. 



Full Time Live Out Nanny
A full-time live-out nanny position is where a nanny will work between 30-50 hours per week for your family. A typical full-time nanny prefers a set schedule in hours and would expect guaranteed hours each week.

Part-Time Nanny
A part-time nanny position would be where the nanny would work up to 28 hours per week for your family.   Part-time nannies can vary from after-school positions, just a couple of days per week, a weekend position, or any other schedule as long as the nanny is guaranteed a certain number of hours per week.

Temporary/Summer Nanny
This placement is if you need a nanny for less than three months or over the summer. A summer nanny will often be a college student or teacher looking to work as a nanny before the school year starts.



Travel Nanny

Taking a vacation may not feel relaxing when you have little ones running the show! Vacation nannies provide much-needed relief from day-to-day parental responsibilities and give parents time alone with each other. We can assist with finding nannies for vacations lasting 2 weeks or longer, and for shorter vacations on a case-by-case basis. Most parents want to spend time with their children on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a break every once in a while to see and do the things you want in a new place. Vacation nannies allow parents to relax and do adult things.
What will you be able to do if you hire a qualified childcare specialist for a travel nanny job?
Enjoy an adults-only date night
Indulge in adults-only activities like spa treatments and cocktail parties
Sleep in late in the mornings
Dine at the exotic restaurant you’ve been eyeing. Visit museums and historic sites where your kids don’t have the attention span for childcare and so much more.

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How to be a successful Nanny

If you love children and love being with them, well, being a nanny is the right profession. Countries all over hold trained Nannies in high regard. Hence, it is essential to have training in child care. Professional training will help to get high-paying jobs in good household setups. Therefore, our training courses allow nannies to become aware of all the essential aspects of child care. Families today do not prefer untrained nannies. They believe trained caretakers are safer and more reliable for babies. And it's true. Nannies trained with NannyQ achieve a high level of skills and industry knowledge for child care. They are equipped to help children and can communicate with their families there. We assess skills and readiness to care for children and develop the right care skills for the best career opportunities. 

**Go to the shop section to take advantage of the discount on the course** 



A Birth Doula, also known as a birth partner or labor coach, is someone who supports families through the life-changing experience of having a baby. Their sole job is providing information, resources, emotional support, and physical comfort during and after labor. They are trained to care for you and your growing family. Their purpose is to help women have a safe, fulfilling, and empowering birth experience. Beginning the moment we agree to work together, your primary doula is on call for you to assist whenever and wherever you need it. we have different programs and plans that you can choose from.  Gig's Doulas guarantee you'll have birth support when you need it!
Ready to know more? please email us with all your questions.

Breastfeeding Counselor

This service is helpful for situations when:

Parents feel uneasy about breastfeeding, often needing reassurance and step-by-step help The infant

The infant refuses to latch after 5 hours of delivery 

Breastfeeding is painful

The infant is experiencing low or slow weight gain

Parents have been told to they may need to feed formula

Parents have received conflicting advice on breastfeeding 


What You Can Expect

You will meet with an experienced and compassionate Breastfeeding Counselor either by virtual meeting or in your home

You will be provided with accurate, evidence-based information to form a customized plan for you and your baby.

Your parenting and feeding decisions will be supported unconditionally.

Virtual Consult: $355.00 (2.5 hrs.)

Home Consult: $500.00 (3.5 hrs.) overtime $50 (an hour) 

Follow-up Home: $150.00 (1 hour) 

Phone/Text 1 Hour:  $40.00 (Daily) 

Additional travel fee for those located outside our service area (20-mile radius): $40.00

Additional fee for after-hours visits (6 PM and beyond)/weekends/holidays: $100.00

Additional fee for twins or multiples: $25

Gig's also has a chef on staff for meal prep at an additional price.

Also An Additional charge of $150.00 will be added for clients inside of Georgia, But outside a 100-mile radius  of Our home office in Newnan, GA.

*** Price is per service bill separately***

OIP (3).jpg

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation:~$600.00

This includes capsules and a placenta print. The placenta is the organ that surrounds the fetus in the womb and allows for the exchange of nutrients, blood, and waste with the mother. It is expelled from the uterus after the birth of the child. The custom of consuming the placenta, often done as placental encapsulation, is centuries old, practiced most often in Chinese medicine. It is a controversial tradition that has been gaining traction in the United States for several decades.

What is placenta encapsulation?

Placental encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills. Traditionally, this is taken by the mother and is believed to impart numerous health benefits.  It is frequently taken shortly after giving birth, during a woman’s menstrual period, or during menopause with the belief that it helps counter some of the symptoms of menopause.

The tides are changing and modern medicine has now proven some of the benefits of placenta encapsulation that mothers have now known for ages.

There’s POWER in that placenta!

Some of the benefits too of consuming your  placenta are:

• Preventing and lessening the risk of postpartum depression

  •  Replenishing your iron and helps prevent post-birth anemia

  •  Lending you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after your birth.

  • To stabilize your ever-changing hormones post birth post-birth 

  •  To replenish your B vitamins and energy that were used during the labor and birthing process

  • Protection from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membrane

  •  Helps Resolves postpartum issues like high blood pressure, swelling, and, protein in the urine 

  •  Help establish early and healthy milk supply

Postpartum Services

Postpartum Services

Mother the Mother

Assist with taking some of the self-care, baby care, and, household responsibilities off you, so you spend more time bonding with your new baby.

Relax, Relate, Release Package ~ $900.00

4 days for 3 HOURS a day 

In need of a good release like crying and venting? Or help with feeding assistance, Well with the RRR package you can get that nap you need and help in other areas the family may need help in. This package is for the mother who is beyond tired and needs all the help she can get and includes: 

Baby Care (swaddling, bathing, soothing)

Light Cleaning

Gig's also has a chef on staff for meal prep at an additional price. Also, An Additional charge of $300.00 will be added for clients inside of Georgia, But outside a 100-mile radius of Our home office in Newnan, GA. 

Hakuna Matata Package


2 day for 3 hours 

Not sure what you might need help with but want to put your mind at ease knowing someone is there?

This package is for you! 

This package includes:

Taking care of the baby while you nap or handle things around the house

A release (talk) session (if needed)

Feeding assistance

Gig's also has a chef on staff for meal prep at an additional price. Also, An Additional charge of $300.00 will be added for clients inside of Georgia, But outside a 100-mile radius of Our home office in Newnan, GA. 

Postpartum Doula Nanny Care 

Pregnancy is a busy time.  Between baby preparation, juggling work obligations and putting together a birth plan, life can get chaotic. The most beautiful thing about having a postpartum doula  is the fact that you don’t have to do anything WHEN YOU GET HOME. You literally just REST!! 

The Doula will be in your local area from the  first day you come home with the newborn and stay for 2 weeks  
​This package includes:

  • Immediate postpartum support for 2 weeks

  • Lactation support  

  • Driving Mom and newborn to first doctor appointment

  • Help with light cleaning 

  • Cooking 3 meals a day plus snacks 

  • Placenta encapsulation if needed. 

  • Newborn care (  feeding, bathing, and caring for the newborn ) 


The prices start at $5500.00 and up 


Overnight Caregiver

An NCS can work with your family as early as the first night you come home from the hospital! You can schedule an NCS to come as few or as many nights per week as you need but often families will start with more nights and taper off as their baby or babies start sleeping longer stretches at night. You can hire an NCS for just a couple of weeks up to several months after you have your baby or babies to help you get to rest as well as help the baby get on a sleeping and eating schedule. An NCS is especially helpful for families with multiple. Besides just getting more sleep, an NCS can be a wealth of knowledge and support to a new parent and they can help educate you on basic newborn care, feeding techniques, breastfeeding advice and sleep training methods. 


Parents Day Out

Feel calm about leaving your child with an experienced Mother's Helper knowing that they have the experience and certifications needed. Get in touch with us to learn more and find the perfect match for your family.


Special Event

If you would like to provide your guests with childcare at your upcoming event whether it be a wedding, corporate event, etc, we can help with that! We will advise you on how many sitters you need based on the number of children and their ages. We also have sitters who can come to your hotel if you will be visiting from out of town.

Friends Party_edited.jpg

Date-Night Sitter and fees 

An Annual fee of $355.00 
(free for active Gig’s Nanny Clients) we will book one of our registered nannies and babysitters to sit for your family during the night and weekend hours. Go out and enjoy yourself for a night or two. Each Date-Night Sitter from Gig’s has you covered. We guarantee your child will receive the best possible care. If requests are made in under 48 hours, an $80.00 convenience fee is due for all babysitter services. 



All clients Must book for 4 hours or more.
Price: Monday – Friday $28.00 an hour 

(holiday rate may vary) 

Price: Saturday –Sunday $30.00 an hour 

( holiday rate may vary) 




Nanny Prices and Fees 

Gig's Initial Consultation for a nanny search starts in your home or A coffee store and by Zoom call. Whatever is better for the client. This is where we’ll go over the details of the position and get to know your family better. When we come to meet with you or talk over the phone a $350.00 Consultant payment is due and it's Nonrefundable or negotiable. After your consultation and paperwork have been signed. We will start the nanny search a one-time placement fee is due Before any candidate's application or Resume is emailed to the families. The one-time ONLY placement fee covers finding a qualified Nanny, background check, motor vehicle check fees, and any Advertisement fees. 

Nanny Services:

Full-time or live-out $1800.00

part-time nanny (live out): $1800.00

 Background check only 


which includes criminal search, driving record, sexual offenders registry search, and social security verification. (Background check is included in our nanny placement fee. This is just another option we offer if a family just wants the agency to run a background check without a nanny search.)


 **Add an extra $3.00 per sibling***. 



Doula Prices and Fees

The Queen B Package ~ $2000.00

1 Doula assigned

Child Birth Education Course 

Attendance of your birth w/continuous with  labor support

Assistance during discharge from the hospital

Help settling in at home

2 Postpartum visits up to 2 hours each visit  as well as available by phone 2 weeks after delivery per request


Princess Package ~ $1500.00

1 Doula  assigned

Unlimited call, email, and text for an additional $200.00 with this package

Attendance of your birth w/continuous with  labor support

2 Postpartum visits available by Zoom or Facetime. (30-45 minutes for each call)

On-Call starting at 35 weeks

**Child Birth Education Course can be added to this package at .$222.00

 An Additional charge of $300.00 will be added for clients inside of Georgia, But outside a 50-mile radius of Our home office in Newnan, GA. 

Duchess Doula Package ~$1000

1 Doula assigned

Unlimited call, email, and text for an additional $275.00 with this package

Attendance of your birth 

1 ( 30 minutes )Postpartum visit by zoom or facetime

 An Additional charge of $300.00 will be added for clients inside of Georgia, But outside a 50-mile radius of Our home office in Newnan, GA. 

Labor and Delivery Doula ~ $555.00

1 Doula assigned 

Attendance of your birth only

An Additional charge of $300.00 will be added for clients inside of Georgia, But outside a 50-mile radius  of Our home office in Newnan, GA. 

**Final payment for ALL packages MUST be received before 31 weeks.**


Travel Price and Fees

Taking a Nanny on vacation can be an amazing time for parents and children. Parents pay a One-time placement fee of $1150.00 that's good for 2 years when traveling using a nanny from Gig’s. Also, the Nanny's daily rate is set at $$30.00-45.00 an hour more depending on how many days the nanny is needed and how many children are traveling,  a per diem of ( $60..00 ) a day on top of the fees related to kid-friendly activities, such as admission to all activities and meals for children. Nannies also need their own space, be sure to book hotel rooms, a two-room suite, or a time-share with a separate bedroom for the Nanny. Please make sure a car or transportation is available for the nanny and children   The Nanny is not a Chauffeur for the family. The nanny is only to drive the children around. 


Traveling Doula Service

This service is a combination of virtual and in-person meetings (when possible) and in-person attendance at your birth. The Doula will arrange to be in your local area from 39 to 42 weeks and be available to you 24/7 during that time. 
​This package includes:

  • Freephone consultation with pregnant person and partner

  • Assistance with questions to ask your health care provider

  • Positions and tools to ease discomfort and help labor progress

  • Relaxation exercises

  • Help writing a simple birth plan

  • Childbirth classes, with downloadable materials and resources

  • ​Continuous support during your labor

  • Immediate postpartum support

  • Assistance with establishing breastfeeding after your baby's birth

  • ​Availability by phone, text, or email until 4 weeks postpartum.

  • Prenatal calls, virtual, or in-person meetings (up to 90 minutes)

  • 4 postpartum calls, virtual,  or in-person meetings start (up to 90 minutes)

  • Placenta encapsulation 

The prices start at $7500.00 and up 


About the Owner

Quanella has been working placing nannies with families for over 5 years. She is also a Certified Birth/Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor. However, she has been a nanny for over 15 years so she understands what families need and want when it comes to looking for someone to care for a family.  Working with so many different families from celebrity clients to first-time parents She strives to find the best and be the best nanny for each individual family. Remember there is a family for every nanny and a nanny for every family. Quanella will work closely with you and guide you through the process. Here at Gig's Nanny and Childcare Service,  we know that hiring a nanny for your children can be scary and we are here for you every step of the way. Family happiness is why Gig's started.

Payroll for Nannies and Beyond

We know that most of you are busy juggling a thousand responsibilities, and payroll and compliance are often the last things on your mind. We’re happy to announce that we can now take that burden entirely from you.

payroll books.jfif

How it works


We offer a free consultation with our designated payroll specialist, who will help you understand specific requirements and answer any questions about payroll and compliance.

 Onboarding: We'll guide you through onboarding, making it easy and seamless.

Image by Money Knack,

Effortless payroll                                     Benefits

You can relax while we handle your payroll calculations, tax withholdings, help you track hours, and other such tedious tasks so that you can be complaint and pay your nanny with the press of a button.

 Compliance assurance: Many people fall victim to thinking they can classify their nannies as 1099 contractors, and subsequently, face thousands of dollars of fines and late fees because the IRS classifies nannies as household employees (W2).

               Peace of mind:

Ensure your nanny is compensated legally and avoid huge fines and penalties.

- Helping your nanny: Deducting taxes from your nanny’s pay helps them break up their tax obligations in small payment throughout the year, rather than leaving them with a large tax debt they have to deal with every April.

- Tax benefits for you: Maximize tax benefits and write-offs while staying compliant with federal and state laws.

- Ease of use: Pay your nanny with a check or with direct deposit while in the office, at home, or on the go with an easy-to-use mobile app or by our call-in service.


Gig’s Nanny and Childcare Service was born out of a desire to ensure that parents in the Metro Atlanta area can find the best nanny for their family needs. Juggling life and a career is a challenge in and of itself. Finding someone to help - should be easier. That’s where we come in. As a top Nanny Agency in Newnan, GA we’ve been looking after families since 2005, helping them find the best nanny, household manager, or babysitter possible.


Our goal is to take the stress out of the process. We will send you top candidates tailored to fit your needs, whether full or part-time. The safety and care of your child/ren is our number one priority which is why all of our child caretakers are rigorously screened and go through a strict background and reference check. And we use our experience to thoroughly screen and send you candidates that we would trust with our own child/ren!


Our agency is devoted to making the process easier. We start from the beginning, reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and ensuring that every one of our staff members has the experience and disposition needed to make a great caregiver.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for a professional and caring nanny for your child, and we’ll find the perfect match for your family’s needs in no time.

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